Adding proxy support for NRDP



We wish to deploy the NSClient to networks which don’t have direct access to the internet. I created an issue here that was supposed to be an enhancement request.

I have NRDP working really well when the agent can talk directly to the XI server but not having proxy support for NRDP is forcing ugly work arounds.

Can this feature be added??

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Possibly, but I would rather find a better http client library to prevent me from having to implement all these features…

For others there is a ticker for tracking the status of this here:


Thanks for replying… Pardon my understanding of the size of the task but do you have a rough estimate of time/effort to implement something like that. Is it a massive rewrite?

I’m happy to help in testing.


Depends on what proxy support means… adding un-authenticated proxy via http is pretty simple… but then people want, auth, and then NTLM auth, and then socks… and so on and so forth, so if I start adding proxy support I think it will become a big task… Thus a library with all this already in place would be preferable…

But if you interested you can always sponsor a feature either by funding development or by developing it your self…