Can’t connect NRPE 2.12 (Nagios 3) to NSClient++


Hello, We work in a public organization with a large installation of Nagios 3.0.6 (around 800 hosts and 10000 services). We are working on the migration of this installation to a new environment with Nagios Core 4.2.4 and other modules, like Mod_Gearman, for load balancing. Because of the great difference between these two versions of Nagios, we opted for an installation from scratch instead of an upgrade. To have a smooth transition we would need to monitor Windows servers simultaneously with «check_nrpe 2.12» (for Nagios 3) and 3.0.1 (for Nagios 4) using a single version of NSClient++ ( Although we installed NSClient++ choosing «Enable NRPE server» with «Insecure legacy mode» option, we are not able to use «check_nrpe 2.12» (for Nagios 3). Error messages are: a) «CHECK_NRPE: Socket timeout after 10 seconds.» on Nagios 3 Server; b) «source\master\include\socket/connection.hpp:149: Failed to read data: short read» in «nsclient.log» of Windows servers. Can someone help us please? Thanks in advance.