Central management nsclient.ini and Plugins


I have 8000 servers that I want to ensure they all have identical configurations , scripts, plugins …

The nscp settings --switch http://www.myserver.com/nsclient.ini is great however I’d like to manage a folders too

C:\Program Files\NSClient++\plugins for example

I configure in nsclient.ini over http

[/attachments] plugins/* = http:///nsclient/plugins/*

All plugins get copied over. (Also using like md5 to avoid coping over at every reload all plugins. Only updates or new. And of course removal of non exisitng)

Basically keep a folder in sync with a central server

Any development planned for this ?


do you have any deployment tools like matrix42, ansible, sccm,… ?

i would integrate the update process in the same way as you install the nsclient software.