Check_drivesize on linux target



Due to the extended possibility of nscp for disk space check, I’m thinking about the possibility to replace a check_disk check by check_drivesize.

But after installing the last available rpm on a RHEL 7 system, I cannot get it working.

[[email protected] services]# nscp client --load-all -q check_drivesize
E       core No handler for command: check_drivesize available commands: commands {, alias_cpu, alias_cpu_ex, alias_disk, alias_disk_loose, alias_event_log, alias_file_age, alias_file_size, alias_mem, alias_process, alias_process_count, alias_process_hung, alias_process_stopped, alias_sched_all, alias_sched_long, alias_sched_task, alias_service, alias_service_ex, alias_up, alias_volumes, alias_volumes_loose, check_always_critical, check_always_ok, check_always_warning, check_and_forward, check_cache, check_critical, check_logfile, check_memory, check_mk_query, check_multi, check_negate, check_nrpe, check_nscp, check_nscp_version, check_ok, check_os_version, check_ping, check_remote_nscp, check_timeout, check_uptime, check_version, check_warning, checkalwayscritical, checkalwaysok, checkalwayswarning, checkcache, checkcritical, checklogfile, checkmultiple, checkok, checkversion, checkwarning, crash_client, crashclient, exec_nrpe, exec_remote_nscp, filter_perf, negate, nrpe_forward, nrpe_query, remote_nscp_query, remote_nscpforward, render_perf, sample_raw_command, submit_graphite, submit_nrdp, submit_nrpe, submit_remote_nscp, submit_smtp, submit_syslog, timeout, xform_perf}, plugins {, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24}
No handler for command: check_drivesize
[[email protected] services]#

In fact only the check_memory seems to “work” (reports wrong physical usage).

[[email protected] services]# nscp client --load-all -q check_memory
WARNING: physical = 6.735GB, cached = 5.756GB, swap = 168.895MB|'physical'=6.73466GB;6.11136;6.87528;0;7.6392 'physical %'=88%;80;90;0;100 'cached'=5.75555GB;6.11136;6.87528;0;7.6392 'cached %'=75%;80;90;0;100 'swap'=0.16493GB;3.19687;3.59648;0;3.99608 'swap %'=4%;80;90;0;100
[[email protected] services]#

Is check_drivesize available on linux?

BR, Yannick