Check_drivesize - unrecognised option "MaxWarnUsed=80%" ....?


Hi folks, I’m wondering why I’m getting this error when I execute this query:

check_nrpe -H -c check_drivesize -a drive=“C” MaxWarnUsed=80%

Based on internet documentation, the option “MaxWarnUsed” is a valid command. Does anyone know what’s the issue here?



Which NSCLient version are you using? According to the current documentation “check_drivesize” has no option MaxWarnUsed. This is and option for the legacy command “checkdrivesize”. (see for all options for check_drivesize) As an example you could use: “drive=C:” “warn=used>80%” “crit=used>90%” or define a new alias for check_drivesize with variables: check_drivesize “drive=$ARG1$” “warn=used>$ARG2$%” “crit=used>$ARG3$%”


I’m using the latest one. But this is not the problem. The documentation is not correct anyway. I needed to run it like this:

check_nrpe -H asfrav04t -c CheckDriveSize -a Drive=C MaxWarn=50 MaxCrit=70 ShowAll=long

It’s even having problems with the “%” sign.


I’d suggest that you create a new alias for the check, so that you dont have to put all those argument strings in the script call.

Something like I posted previously will work and gives you a “cleaner” script call: check_nrpe -H Host -c alias_my_drives -a C 50 70

The default for check_drivesizes warn/crit thresholds are 80% and 90%, if you don’t specify them.


Thanks a lot, I’ll try that