Check_eventlog advanced usage



I starting in Centreon and Linux. If the folowing request has already post in this forum my apologize … I’m using the following command check_eventlog and I want to filter some events log Windows issue from DFS Replication : ./check_centreon_nrpe -H HOSTNAME -p 5666 -t 30 -u -m 8192 -c check_eventlog -a file='DFS Replication’ It return me a result but it’s to more than I want

I don’t know which argument can help me to filter some Event ID, like for example 1008 - 2104 etc, and which argument use for determine time range for example for the last 15 mn on server monitored … Can someone help me please ?

My version of Linux is : CentOS release 6.8 (Final)

Thanks in advance.


Up for this subject … Please help me I would be grateful for the one who will help me. Thanks in advance