Check_files file counter - output problem



I want to use the “check_file” module for generate warning when too many files are present in a certain folder.

The command work fine without filter :

./check_nrpe -H -n -c check_files -a path='C:/inetpub/mailroot/Queue’ OK: All 194 files are ok|

But, when I add a condition, I have this error :

./check_nrpe -H -n -c check_files -a path=‘C:/inetpub/mailroot/Queue’ "crit=count>100" CHECK_NRPE: Invalid packet type received from server.

Il the output of the command is not too long, the check result can work. For example, with “crit=count>180”, the output is displayed with the names of the files posing problems :

CRITICAL: 14/194 files (NTFS_dac40f8801d2417800027b50.EML, NTFS_dac670e801d2417800027b51.EML, NTFS_dad4b92a01d2417800027b53.EML, NTFS_dad97beb01d2417800027b54.EML, NTFS_daea0f3a01d2424300028cc6.EML, NTFS_dcef429601d2417e000282ac.EML, NTFS_e62de5ae01d248d100003975.EML, NTFS_e974381501d2496300003e9f.EML, NTFS_f6d20dbd01d2459e00002075.EML, NTFS_f8c1596801d2463e00002863.EML, NTFS_fa47770701d2425c00028cfa.EML, NTFS_fb2a95fa01d2466b0000302c.EML, NTFS_fdcb55cb01d2459e00002076.EML, NTFS_ffce61b101d240f800027733.EML)|‘count’=194;0;180

With other command we have the possibility to truncate the output (like check_eventlog), but with check_file, I didn’t find such functionnality. If I can only have the alert, without le listing of the files, it would be acceptable.

Any Ideas ?