Check_files filter=version


Hi friends. I am getting version from .exe file via check_nrpe.

My command is following

check_nrpe -H IP_ADDRESS -c check_file -a path=path/to/file pattern=file.exe “filter= (version = ‘1.1’) or (version = ‘1.0’)” “detail-syntax=%(filename): %(version)” "crit=version = ‘1.0’ " "ok=version = ‘1.1’ "

Well this is ok for me but if exe file version is 1.0 then output is

CRITICAL: 1/1 files (file.exe: 1.0)

but if exe file version is 1.1 output is

OK: All 1 files are ok

Why i don´t get same output??? In case OK: i don`t get version…but

Could be possible get one of these ouputs

CRITICAL: File.exe is version 1.0

OK: File.exe is version 1.1

Thanks and regards.

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detail-syntax is used if there is an issue

ok-syntax is used when everything is ok

you need to add “ok-syntax=%(filename): %(version)”