Check Folder Size (again)



I’ve researched this a bit for the past couple of days and it seems like its brought up pretty frequently, however, there’s not an acceptable solution. I’ve read through many, if not all of the posts here.

Here’s my scenario: We have custom developed software that deals with image editing, a (smaller) version of incoming photos get copied to a temp directory locally while the original image gets placed on our server’s archive. The local folder is supposed to be purged after a set period of time (right now it’s hit or miss) so we need to monitor these expanding directories because in a short period of time these thumbnails can fill a hard drive resulting in all kinds of obvious problems.

What I’d like to do is send a check (we’re using Icinga2 director & NSClient++) to just post the image directory size on our Dashboard (end users use Grafana).

It seems check_files would be the intuitive choice, but this doesn’t really yield anything resembling what I’m looking for.

I apologize if this has been solved or seems trivial, I’ve only recently been involved with NSClient.