Check_logfile, column-split by tabulator (tsv log file)


Hi. I need to check log file which columns are tab-delimited. So I create an alias in nsclient.ini: (between quota there is tab sign, not space) log_bi = check_logfile file=C:\Users\Public\zzz.txt "filter=column1='some'" column-split=" "

But I’m getting error on my nagios server:

$ /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H <IP ADDRESS> -c log_bi
Invalid command line: unrecognised option 'ilter=column1='some' column-split='
help						Show help screen (this screen)
help-csv					Show help screen as a comma separated list. 
help-short					Show help screen (short format).
debug						Show debugging information in the log
show-all					Show debugging information in the log
filter=arg					Filter which marks interesting items.
warning=arg					Filter which marks items which generates a warning state.
warn=arg					Short alias for warning
critical=arg					Filter which marks items which generates a critical state.
crit=arg					Short alias for critical.
ok=arg						Filter which marks items which generates an ok state.
empty-syntax=No matches			Message to display when nothing matched filter.
empty-state=unknown				Return status to use when nothing matched filter.
perf-config=arg				Performance data generation configuration
top-syntax=${count}/${total} (${problem_list})	Top level syntax.
detail-syntax=${column1}			Detail level syntax.
perf-syntax=${column1}				Perfo

I have NSClient++ in version 4.2.114

P.S I also tries column-split="\v" and column-split=\v and column-split=[tab button pressed] with no result. When I try column-split=; on different log file it works.



I think you should try that way:

“column1=‘some’”, column-split=" "