first i want to tks all developpers of this apps…

we use it with Nagios. So i try to use check_ping.bat

here my nsclient.ini

[/settings/external scripts] allow arguments = true

[/settings/external scripts/scripts] check_openmanage = scripts/check_openmanage.exe check_ping = scripts/check_ping.bat

so when i try nscp test with check_ping i receive this error WARNING: ‘scripts’ n’est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne which can translate with scripts is not reconnized as internal command.

I search since some hours mean to use this script but … not found yet

tks advance for any help


well i change the / per \ and now i receive this error

now it’s work, but only on cmd from server. do you know how to configure it with nagios ?

i try with nrpe so nothing do.