Check_uptime - how to display days instead of weeks


hi ,

iam using nagios check_nrpe plugin to collect windows hosts uptime with command check_uptime after 7 days it count in weeks. is there any way to force display in days instead of weeks?

monitoring system - nagios, agents ver on most hosts is 0.5.2

I really appreciate any help ,


Looking at the documentation (which for 0.5.2 manages to be even more confusing than it was in 0.5.0 due to the formatting), it seems not. You could recommend it to Michael Medin but in the meantime I guess a simple PowerShell command that returns what you need would be easiest, as adding formatting to NSClient++ raises the issue of just how to provide it.


hi daniel , doing it in powershell involve a script needed to be placed in any host you want to monitor. working with the check_nrpe plugin on nagios ,one can monitor many aspects of windows hosts , without no depended script on the remote monitored host.


Open a feature request here then: