I am trying top use CheckEventLog in realtime

[/settings/eventlog/real-time/filters/default] syntax = %type% %id% %source%: %message% maximum age = 5m destination = NSCA ; Definition for real time filter: default

[/settings/eventlog/real-time/filters/test-nsca] filter = level = 'error’ ok message = Found no records in eventlog last two hours. severity =WARNING ;

On windows I send the command

nscp eventlog insert --source “Application Error” --id 1000 --level error --category 0

And in nclient.log, I have these lines

2017-09-14 13:34:26: debug:c:\source\master\modules\CheckEventLog\realtime_thread.cpp:114: Detected action on: application 2017-09-14 13:34:26: debug:c:\source\master\modules\CheckEventLog\filter.cpp:217: Failed to format eventlog record: ID=1000: failed to lookup error code: 15029 (reason: 126)

Who can give a hand ? Where can I find the explanation of error code and reason ?

Thanks for your yelp


Do not take care of this demand It is a false problem

Thank you