CheckFileSize: event not found



NSClient Nagios 4.1.0 CentOS 6.8 Windows server 2003

I would like to monitor folders and to verify their size. I use this command, define command { _ command_name CheckFileSize_ _ command_line $USER1$/check_nrpe -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p 5666 -c CheckFileSize -a ShowAll MaxCrit=$ARG1$ File:$ARG2$=$ARG3$_ }

that i add in command.cfg and i define a service in the file config of the host.cfg define service{ _ use generic-service_ _ host_name $HOSTNAME_ _ service_description CheckFolder_ _ check_command check_nrpe!CheckFileSize -H $HOSTADDRESS -p 5666 -c CheckFileSize -a ShowAll MaxCrit=1G File:Win=D:\CheckFolder_ }

When i test it by using the command below : check_nrpe!CheckFileSize -H HOSTADRESS -p 5666 -c CheckFileSize -a ShowAll MaxCrit=1G File:Win=D:\Folder\Name

I got this error -bash: !CheckFileSize: event not found Should i define the command in the nsclient.ini ?

Thank in advance for your reply.