Checkservicestate no performance data?


Hi All, I am using check_nrpe plugin to monitor windows server. All works good with the given perf data except the checksystemstate check. As monitoring I am using Icinga2+Icingaweb2 where I have PNP4Nagios implemented. So every check automatically writes performance graphes, which is pretty nice. On the client site I use (for historical reasons) OpsView Agent, which is in fact just a NSClient++ -

But it looks like the checksystemstate doesn’t sends any performace data and so, Icinga cannot write the RRD file for the graphes, which end in a broken graph preview in Icingaweb. I am doing the check like this: ./check_nrpe -H hostnamehere -c checkservicestate -a ShowAll=long servicenamehere

Am I missing an argument to get perf data?

Regards, Marcus


push nobody?


Not sure about 0.3.9 but 0.5.0 gives me:

checkservicestate ShowAll=long nscp
D  w32system Created command: "detail-syntax=${name}: ${state}" "top-syntax=${status}: ${list}" service=nscp "crit=( name like 'nscp' and state != 'running' )"
L        cli CRITICAL: CRITICAL: nscp: stopped
L        cli  Performance data: 'nscp'=1;0;4