Command line installation


Hi all, I’m trying to install nsclient++ on Windows 10 x64 thorugh msiexec

I have tried this command:

msiexec /l* c:\log.txt /i “d:\NSCP-” INSTALLLOCATION=“c:\test” ALLOWED_HOSTS= NSCLIENT_PWD=passwordexample123 ADDLOCAL=Plugins,MainProgram,FirewallConfig,ProductFeature,CheckPlugins,NRPEPlugins,NSCPlugins,NSCAPlugin,ExtraClientPlugin,SampleScripts,SampleConfig,WEBPlugins /passive

It works, but completly ignores NSCLIENT_PWD value

Also I can’t set CONFIGURATION_TYPE value in Windows registry. It doesn’t create any keys

I have tried to add MONITORING_TOOL=none , as suggested here but it’s not working

I have the same problem on Window Server 2012 R2 and with nsclient++ version

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, Jack


You need two keys in 0.5.0:

1, MONITORING_TOOL=none (or the default will overwrite your keys) 2, CONF_CAN_WRITE (or the config will not be writable)

Both of these are no longer required in 0.5.1


Hi Micke, thank you for answer

I have tried both keys but it doesn’t worked

msiexec /i “d:\NSCP-” CONF_CAN_WRITE=1 NSCLIENT_PWD=passwordexample123 ALLOWED_HOSTS= MONITORING_TOOL=none /quiet

With MONITORING_TOOL=none, the nsclient.ini file is empty; the same thing with CONF_CAN_WRITE=1