Connection refused on 2012 R2 servers


I have 12 other servers connection just fine, but the two I have running the latest 64 bit client will not allow nagios to collect data. Firewall are turned off on both machines. Main app running is the Autodesk Vault repository.

I tried with the stand. install process, and creating my own nsc.ini file. See below.

[/modules] NRPEServer = enabled CheckSystem = enabled CheckTaskSched2 = enabled CheckDisk = enabled CheckEventLog = enabled CheckHelpers = enabled CheckNSCP = enabled allowed hosts = NSClientServer = 1 ; [/settings/default] allowed hosts = cache allowed hosts = true use_file=1 shared_session=false password=

[/crash] submit=false archive=true restart=true ; Archive crash dump files if a crash is detected archive=1

; Restart service if a crash is detected restart=1 ;

[/log] file=${exe-path}/nsclient.log date_mask=%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S ;# LOG DEBUG ; Set to 1 if you want debug message printed in the log file (debug messages are always printed to stdout when run with -test) debug=1 ; ;# LOG FILE ; The file to print log statements to file=nsclient.log ;

[/NRPE] use_ssl=1 allow_nasty_meta_chars=0 allow_arguments=0 port=5666