Crash with 5.0.62 when generating settings


When I run the following command on WIndows 10 client, it generates an immediate crash dump

nscp settings --generate settings --add-defaults --load-all

Output: INF: Detected crash… INF: Running: “C:\Program Files\NSClient++\reporter.exe” “archive” “C:\Users\gmartin\AppData\Local\Temp\acde2618-7d03-485e-9a01-143a8d28ab19.dmp” “NSClient++” “” “2016-09-14” “C:\Program Files\NSClient++/crash-dumps”

Any idea where to look? I’m trying to generate a full setting file.


I’ve found that if you leave off the “–load-all” it’ll generate the configuration. I guess we have to look up the list of modules and how to activate them manually to add them to the config.