Cron syntax doesn't work with scheduler


Hi guys,

I’ve ran into the problem where It seems I can’t setup NSClient to execute check in one particular day in the month. I’m using NSClient in version 0.5.1044 and my check looks like:slight_smile:


[/settings/scheduler/schedules/OS Updates]
schedule=0 12 * * 4 

I’ve tried even to change the check to ran on specific day (according to crontab documentation)

[/settings/scheduler/schedules/OS Updates]
schedule=0 12 22 * * 

So it should be running only on Thursday. So the check has been executed @right time but it seems that scheduler is not taking any other values as I can see it’s been executed on Thursday and it is executed today (Friday)

I need this check to be run on the 14th day each month. Have you encounter this kind of issues ? Any of your help will be much appreciated as I can’t get it done.