Disk Check Filters



I would like to make a filter that only takes drives that are assigned a letter, to avoid monitoring system reserved volumes and others temporary volumes starting with \\?\Volume{… Do I need to use regex with the “letter” filter ? With what syntax ? I tried setting the whole alphabet as drive directives but the check was taking years to finish (probably because it was trying to reach all the specified drives ?).

Tried “exclude=\\?\*” or “fitler=mounted” also “filter=writable” (that one removed issues with ISOs though).

Also I have exchange DB volumes with huge spaces (in TB) and I want to check them differently than system drives let’s says. They always are mounted on D:\\ExchDB… but sometime other stuff is on D:\\ so I want to filter on “ExchDB”

Like that one still kept them: “filter=writable AND name not like ‘ExchDB’”

But I can’t seem to find any example of such a filter in your documentation

Thank you,

PS: I think you documentation could be a bit more detailed, like with more examples on the values each filter options can take (look at the “type” filter for example, description only says “Type of drive”, I know there is fixed and remote from the examples above but is there anything else ?). Also I don’t see anywhere how to combine multiple filters.

PS²: I’ve found a solution somehow, more of a workaround but still working.

Since the ExchDB mountpoint is only for Exchange host, I’ve added two separated disk checks for Exchange host, one where I exclude D:\ and another with D:\ only. That way I can have specific thresholds for D:\ when the Host is Exchange.

For the system reserved I used the following filter: “filter=type not in (‘CDROM’, ‘REMOVABLE’) and drive in (‘B:\’, ‘C:\’, ‘D:\’, ‘E:\’, ‘F:\’, ‘G:\’, ‘H:\’, ‘I:\’, ‘J:\’, ‘K:\’, ‘L:\’, ‘M:\’, ‘N:\’, ‘O:\’, ‘Q:\’, ‘R:\’, ‘T:\’, ‘U:\’, ‘V:\’, ‘W:\’, ‘X:\’, ‘Y:\’, ‘Z:\’)”

But it took 2 days of trial, errors and deduction… and in the end I dropped the “writable” statement, hoping that “REMOVABLE” also takes in ISOs (but I guess so).