Disk Check to get Volume Name Not working


Nagios Core 4.3.4 Nsclient 5.1.44 Windows 2008 2012 2012R2 2016 servers Would like the check_drivespace display the volume names of the drives on each server

/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -A /usr/local/nagios/certs/ca/anakin-ca.crt -C /usr/local/nagios/certs/nagios_server/nagios_server.crt -K /usr/local/nagios/certs/nagios_server/nagios_server.key -2 -P 8192 -H brandy -t 30 -c check_drivesize -a drive=F detail-syntax=’{${name} ${drive}${free_pct}% free / ${size} total}’ top-syntax=’${status}: ${problem_list}’

WARNING: { F:17% free / 2TB total}|‘F: used’=1.65251TB;1.5999;1.79988;0;1.99987 ‘F: used %’=83%;80;90;0;100

It does not display the Drive Volume Name

When I run this /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -A /usr/local/nagios/certs/ca/anakin-ca.crt -C /usr/local/nagios/certs/nagios_server/nagios_server.crt -K /usr/local/nagios/certs/nagios_server/nagios_server.key -2 -P 8192 -H brandy -t 30 -c check_drivesize -a drive=all-volumes detail-syntax=’{${name} ${drive}${free_pct}% free / ${size} total}’ top-syntax=’${status}: ${problem_list}’

CRITICAL: { F:\17% free / 2TB total}, {Archiver-2 G:\11% free / 2TB total}, {Archiver-4 I:\1% free / 2TB total}, {Archiver-5 J:\5% free / 2TB total}, {Archiver-6 K:\2% free / 2TB total}, {Archiver-7 L:\7% free / 2TB total}, {Archiver-8 M:\1% free / 2TB total}, {Archive-11 Q:\2% free / 2TB total}, {Archive-13 Z:\0% free / 19.766GB total}|‘F:\ used’=1.64555TB;1.5999;1.79988;0;1.99987 ‘F:\ used %’=82%;80;90;0;100 ‘G:\ used’=1.7713TB;1.5999;1.79988;0;1.99987 ‘G:\ used %’=89%;80;90;0;100 ‘H:\ used’=0.95062TB;1.5999;1.79988;0;1.99987 ‘H:\ used %’=48%;80;90;0;100 ‘I:\ used’=1.97439TB;1.5999;1.79988;0;1.99987 ‘I:\ used %’=99%;80;90;0;100 ‘J:\ used’=1.89554TB;1.5999;1.79988;0;1.99987 ‘J:\ used %’=95%;80;90;0;100 ‘K:\ used’=1.94185TB;1.5999;1.79988;0;1.99987 ‘K:\ used %’=97%;80;90;0;100 ‘L:\ used’=1.84818TB;1.5999;1.79988;0;1.99987 ‘L:\ used %’=92%;80;90;0;100 ‘M:\ used’=1.97887TB;1.5999;1.79988;0;1.99987 ‘M:\ used %’=99%;80;90;0;100 ‘Q:\ used’=1.9419TB;1.59999;1.79999;0;1.99999 ‘Q:\ used %’=97%;80;90;0;100 ‘N:\ used’=1.22035TB;1.59999;1.79999;0;1.99999 ‘N:\ used %’=61%;80;90;0;100 ‘T:\ used’=0.36892TB;1.59999;1.79999;0;1.99999 ‘T:\ used %’=18%;80;90;0;100 ‘P:\ used’=0.01677TB;1.59999;1.79999;0;1.99999 ‘P:\ used %’=1%;80;90;0;100 ‘R:\ used’=33.13773GB;35.89843;40.38573;0;44.87304 ‘R:\ used %’=74%;80;90;0;100 ‘S:\ used’=10.05212GB;11.99765;13.49736;0;14.99706 ‘S:\ used %’=67%;80;90;0;100 ‘Z:\ used’=19.76556GB;15.81249;17.78905;0;19.76562 ‘Z:\ used %’=100%;80;90;0;100 ‘D:\ used’=9.34549GB;15.99999;17.99999;0;19.99999 ‘D:\ used %’=47%;80;90;0;100 ‘C:\ used’=30.15364GB;40.10702;45.1204;0;50.13378 ‘C:\ used %’=60%;80;90;0;100 ‘E:\ used’=19.06842GB;31.99765;35.99736;0;39.99706 ‘E:\ used %’=48%;80;90;0;100 ‘A:\ used’=0B;0;0;0;0 ‘B:\ used’=0B;0;0;0;0

This does but I need it for the individual drive checks.

I posted this on the Nagios forum and they say it is a nsclient bug?

Any ideas or suggestions

Thank you,