How to access NSClient++ 0.3.9 documentation?


We have a Nagios 3.0.6 / NSClient++ 0.3.9 implementation with more than 600 hosts and 7000 services. We intend to upgrade to Nagios 4 but not immediately. Meanwhile, we would like to solve some problems, mainly about CheckEventLog, but we are not able to access documentation about NSClient++ 0.3.9. Can you help us? Thanks in advance!


Old documentation is supposed to be here but sadly seems to have gone:

You’ve got a couple of options, the first is to hit up’s copy (it may not be complete):

Or grab the downloadable zip file for 0.3.9 which contains a PDF of the reference manual:


I am very grateful for your answer, teh_klev: it was very helpful! Before your message, I made a lot of unsuccessful searches, and now, thanks to you, I can access very useful information, especially from «» and from «NSClient++ Reference Manual.pdf» included in «». Thanks again! :smile: