HTTP INI file for Nsclient++ on Linux cache file errors


Hi all,

I have installed Nsclient on Linux and trying to use the central http ini file as we use for Windows. It works fine on the initial switch command nscp settings --switch http://hostname:5002/Nagios/Linux/nsclient.ini

If we update the ini file from the http server we have an error

Failed to initialize settings: boost::filesystem::rename: File exists: “/usr/sbin/cache/nsclient.ini.tmp”, “/usr/sbin/cache/nsclient.ini” /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/nscp- settings Creating new settings file: ini:///etc/nsclient/nsclient.ini

If we delete the ini file and ini.tmp file from /usr/sbin/cache then restart it works again until the next time we update the ini file. Has anyone else used this function on Linux and do you know how to resolve this issue. We have noticed when the .ini file is download it defaults to the root owner so is this a permission issue? I have tried searching forums and documentation but this doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere of how to setup. The boot.ini file contains the following [settings] 1 = http://hostname:5002/Nagios/Linux/nsclient.ini