Http Settings


Im really interested in the Http Settings to fetch remote configs, but I can find very little documentation on it- is there more instructions somewhere?

Also is it possible to use the http remote ini file but keep the settings in the registry?



In the boot.ini I added the following

[settings] 1 = http://<MY_NAGIOS_SERVER>/nsclient/nsclient.ini 2 = ini://${shared-path}/nsclient.ini

However no matter what I do, it will always put a copy in "C:\Program Files\NSClient++\cache" upon each reboot and it doesn’t overwrite the C:\Program Files\NSClient++\nsclient.ini

I have 8000 Windows server which I want to centrally manage and ensure all have identical configurations.

I also want to be able to manage my plugins from a central servers (For updates or new plugins

[/paths] scripts = ${exe-path}/scripts [/attachments] scripts/myscript.bat = http://<MY_NAGIOS_SERVER>/nsclient/customplugins/myscript.bat

Ideal would be a path that takes all files in that path and copies to each server. And then does a md5 check to see if it need to redownload / delete or add