Nagios «Status Information» doesn’t show the service status when status is OK


Hello, We use Nagios Core 4.2.4 and plugin check_npre 3.0.1, with NSClient++ running on Windows servers. When we check a single Windows service, we want to obtain the following data in Status Information: status (OK, Warning, Critical), Service name (Tomcat7, Workstation, etc.), service state (running, stopped) and service start type (auto, delayed, demand, disabled). We are using the following syntax: ./check_nrpe -H host address -c check_service -a show-all service=service name Unfortunately, with this syntax, «Status Information» doesn’t show status when it’s OK, although it shows status when it’s «Warning» or «Critical». Here are Status Information examples in these 3 different situations:

  • Workstation=running (auto)
  • WARNING: , delayed (clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_32=stopped (delayed))
  • CRITICAL: BMR Boot Service=stopped (auto), delayed () We use the «show-all» option, to obtain data on the service if status is OK. If this option is not used and status is OK, «Status Information» is «OK: All 1 service(s) are ok.». We tried to add the «%(status)» variable to the «detail-syntax option» (“detail-syntax=%(status): %(name)=%(state) (%(start_type))”), but the result was not satisfactory when status is not OK (notice «OK» appearing after WARNING and CRITICAL status):
  • OK: Workstation=running (auto)
  • WARNING: , delayed (OK: clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_32=stopped (delayed))
  • CRITICAL: OK: BMR Boot Service=stopped (auto), delayed () Can someone help us please? Thanks in advance!