Need help to change disk threshold limit


Hi All,

We are using below comments to control nagios alerts for disk.

alias_disk=CheckDriveSize MinWarn=10% MinCrit=5% CheckAll FilterType=FIXED alias_disk_loose=CheckDriveSize MinWarn=10% MinCrit=5% CheckAll FilterType=FIXED ignore-unreadable

Now I want to Increase critical disk space alert from 500 Mp to 1Gp please (Just need help to tune to increase disk critical alert for a windows server).

Can any one help me with idea?

Thanks in advance


I am not sure that I follow. Note that checkdrivesize is an old command, and you ought to be using check_drivesize instead, which you will note is documented with actual examples, unlike checkdrivesize.

Anyway, if you are trying to use absolute thresholds (instead of percentages) with checkdrivesize, try one of:


This flags up free space < 1 GB. Same with MinWarn.


Hi Daniel, Thanks for your comment on this. I will try the step you suggested.

As per the setup, Nagios will trigger alert if there is 5% free space

Drive “C” capacity is 120GB, so if the disk filled with 114GB (Around 95%) it will trigger the alert as I understand the mechanism. In that case we will have 6GB free space.

But this is triggering alert when it has 500MB free space.

So I would like to understand is whether the 5% apply to the total disk space for the monitored Nagios host’s drive, or if it applies to a any standard value set in the Nagios poller (main server).


Those are direct limits: MinWarn and MinCrit are compared against the free space on each drive (in your case, all fixed disks, per the filter) to see if any drive is below either of the limits. I use command arguments instead of local aliases, and this works as expected.

In a situation like this, I would use the command line to manually run checks, and see what output I get. This can either be done from your Nagios server (as I was doing), or from running nscp.exe directly in interactive console mode (by typing “nscp test” from the NSClient++ program directory) or by asking nscp.exe to run tests for you (see nscp --help).


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. Now I set MinCrit as 1024M and let see how it goes from here. Will keep you posted

Thanks again


Hi Daniel,

I have set value as 1024M but it was not working. Should I rewrite as 1024MB or any other way to change the exact threshold value


Hi All, I have same issue I want to adjust the threshold of the disk size to Warning=used>95% and Critical=used>98% but when I manually check the command it is still waning on a 83%. AFAIK the default is W=80% C=90%. Here is the result of manual check command:

[[email protected] tmp]# /usr/sbin/nscp nrpe --host x.x.x.x --ca /usr/share/nsclient/security/ca.pem --verify peer-cert --allowed-ciphers ALL:!ADH:!LOW:!EXP:!MD5:@STRENGTH --timeout 120 --insecure false -c check_drivesize -a drive=E: ‘warning=used>95%’ ‘critical=used>98%’ show-all ‘perf-config=*(unit:G)’ detail-syntax=’{${drive_or_name} ${free} free / ${size} total}’ top-syntax=’${status}: ${problem_list}' WARNING E:: 757.917GB/899.997GB used|‘E: used’=757.9173GB;719.99765;809.99736;0;899.99706 ‘E: used %’=84%;80;90;0;100

Hope you can help me out.

Thanks, Richard



Sorry, I didn’t see any e-mail notification that you replied.

What is your exact command now? And what output do you yet?