No output available from command


We’ve starting experiencing this alert in OP5 on a lot of our windows servers:

No output available from command (C:\Nagios\check_logfiles.exe -f C:\Nagios\check_logfiles-eventlog.cfg --searches=system-eventlog).

I’m not an expert in Nagios, but could do with some assistance.


There are a few easy tests:

  1. Is there anything installed at “C:\Nagios\” on the host (target Windows server)?

  2. If so, does the user running NSCP (NSClient++) have permission to execute “C:\Nagios\check_logfiles.exe”?

  3. If you run that full syntax from a command prompt, what do you get back?

  4. Do you need to be either Administrator or a local admin to make that syntax work? If so, is NSCP running with the correct groups?

  5. NSCP depends on Registry entries. Were there any recent GPO updates that changed anything?

By the way: I work at OP5 Support. You should feel free to open a support ticket with us for such questions.