NRPE and performance data


Im trying to get some performance data (check_drivesize) but the documentation is VERY POOR on how exactly to get it.

Id need to get free used and total.

Can someone give a example and at least from there I believe I could get it to work?



Here is a example

./check_nrpe -n -H -c check_drivesize -a ‘warn=free<20%’ ‘crit=free<10%’ ‘drive=C:’ ‘show-all’ ‘perf-config=*(unit:g) used %(ignored:true) free %(ignored:true) extra(free) extra(used) extra(size)’ ‘detail-syntax=Drive: ${drive_or_name} Free: ${free} Used: ${used} Total: ${size}’

I want the text output to show

Drive: C: Free: 10GB Used: 20GB Total: 30GB

I think that is working

What I want to get in the performance data is

free=10gb used=20gb total=30gb

That second part is what I am missing.



Try to avoid ${} as this could cause some problems on linux.

You need to add the perf syntax: 'perf-syntax=Drive: %(drive_or_name) Free: %(free) Used: %(used) Total: %(size)’