Nrpe error: didn't terminate within the timeout period


Hello there!

When running nrpe_check I am seeing the following error:

“Command check_dns_logs_new didn’t terminate within the timeout period 65s.”

I just want to start off by mentioning that I followed all the directions in the Timeout Issues section of the NSClient++ FAQ. Specifically, I added a timeout period in the [/settings/external scripts/wrappings] (120sec), [/settings/external scripts] (65sec), and [settings/NPRE/server] (70sec) sections in nsclient.ini just as was written in the FAQ. When running check_nrpe I am specifying a timeout value ot 75 seconds, and in nagios.cfg I have service_check_timeout set to 80. After making the above changes (of course), I restarted the nsclient++ and nagios services.

I checked the actual length of the timeout, and it seems to be 30 seconds (i.e. the time elapsed between when the check_nrpe command is executed and the aforementioned error is returned). I searched nsclient.ini, nagios.cfg, commands.cfg, and services.cfg for any suspicious configuration setting that was set to 30 seconds but could find anything.

I’m not really sure where to look next. Can anybody offer any guidance?