[NRPE Handlers] on new Nagios version


Hello, in our company we use Nagios client version (very old i know). In this version, in the ini we have the following voice

[NRPE Handlers] ; LanSweeper check ; ; Modifiche per LANSWEEPER command[check_lsw]=scripts\Lspush\lspush.bat $ARG1$ command[check_lswdbg]=scripts\Lspush\lspushdbg.bat command[check_lsw2]=scripts\Lspush\lspush2.bat $ARG1$ ; Modifiche per LANSWEEPER ;

I installed new version of Nagios and during installation i put the flag on "Enable NRPE server (check_nrpe) with "Insecure legacy mode (required by old check_nrpe).

Checking the ini generated by this new version, i cannot find something similar to [NRPE Handlers] section.

I also have other issues, for example in the log i have

2018-04-03 11:07:31: error:c:\source\nscp\modules\NRPEServer\NRPEServer.cpp:132: CA not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\NSClient++/security/ca.pem (generating a default CA) 2018-04-03 11:11:22: error:c:\source\nscp\include\socket/connection.hpp:243: Failed to establish secure connection: unknown protocol: 252

i tried to disable ssl and other stuff i found on the forum, but i would like to solve this step by step, starting from editing the ini with the right NRPE Handlers voice.

Thanks for your possible help!


This documentation should help: