NSClient (x64) - check_uptime; How to read output


Output from scheduled check… being sent back to NSCA on Linux host is:

OK: uptime: 16w 103d 2399:143180h, boot: 2016-Oct-20 18:33:27 (UTC)

My question is… what does ‘2399:143180h’ mean?

I THOUGHT that the 2399 might have been been hours, but when divided by 24, that yields only 99.958 days. and 143180 is obviously not the current military time… see below:

c:\Program Files\NSClient++>powershell get-date

Monday, February 13, 2017 2:57:00 PM

c:\Program Files\NSClient++>nscp client --module CheckSystem --query check_uptime OK: uptime: 16w 103d 2399:143200h, boot: 2016-Oct-20 18:33:28 (UTC)|‘uptime’=10034615s;172800;86400

So I’m really confused as to what the "nnnn:nnnnnn’ field is.

Shouldn’t it read more like:

16w 103d HHh MMm SSs, boot:…

Thanks, Larr.