NSClient - ERROR: No performance data from command: check_pdh


I am trying to use check_nt to check the counters for CPU % of the plex transcoder service. The problem is that this service isn’t always running and when it’s not I get an error message returned. "NSClient - ERROR: No performance data from command: check_pdh" I found this error output in “nscp/modules/NSClientServer/NSClientServer.cpp”. Is there any way for when the service is not running to return 0 instead of the error message?

check_nt -H Host -p Port-v COUNTER -l “\Process(PlexTranscoder)% Processor Time”)


I use check_nrpe :smiley:

cpu_used = CheckCounter -a “Counter:% Processor Used Total=\Processor(_Total)% Processor Time” ShowAll MaxWarn=80% MaxCrit=90% cpu_free = CheckCounter -a “Counter:% Processor Free Total=\Processor(_Total)% Idle Time” ShowAll MinWarn=20% MinCrit=10%