Nsclient generate fails to load all


Windows 2012 R2 server m on VMWARE NSCLIENT 4.4.23

C:\Program Files\NSClient++>nscp settings --generate --add-defaults --load-all E core Failed to register plugin LUAScript: Could not load library: 126: T he specified module could not be found. : LUAScript.dll c:\source\nscp\service\NSClient++.cpp:216

I had 5.014 installed that failed badly so I went back to 4.4.23 I have another 2012 R2 server which is part of this cluster as Node2 and it has no issues.

Any ideas on why this error?

Please help been struggling with this

Thank tom



The file LUAScript.dll is in the folder c:\program files\nsclient++\modules

Why cant it find this module?


Have you defined the module path, so that it can find the Lua library? Here is an example for your ini, one that assumes the ‘exe-path’ has already been defined:

module-path = ${exe-path}/modules