Nsclient.ini /include statement does not seem to be working



We added an include statement under the [/module] section of the nsclient.ini but it does not appear to be working. Here is our syntax:

[/include] wfm=wfm.ini

The wfm.ini file sits in the same path as the nsclient.ini. We have tried specifying the full path as well. No dice. It will not recognize the settings.

When we run nscp settings --validate, we get the following output Invalid path: /include Invalid key: /include.wfm

When we tried to run ‘nscp settings --generate ini://sample.ini --load-all -add-defaults’ it crashes. We are running 0.5.0062



You actually have to specify the ini:// in front of the file. That wasn’t pointed out in the documentation. Once you do that, it works as advertised.

custom = ini://custom.ini wfm = ini://wfm.ini


The problem is actually that the section is called includes not include. You dont need to place ini:// in front.