Nsclient install on Win 2012r2 via puppet


Install NSCP MSI via puppet on Win 2012r2. works as expected the first time. Every subsequent puppet run re-installs the MSI because puppet doesn’t think it is installed. Bring up the appwiz.cpl and review the installed packages and NSClient++ is there, how ever the version is 0.5.1044 The last period is replaced with a zero. Is this a problem with the MSI installer? Windows? I’ve adjusted my puppet code to ensure => '0.5.1044" to stop the constant re-installs. But I’d prefer to see the version of MSI match the system response. Thanks.


still the same issue continues


MSI only has support for 3 number versions so I have to combine the last two numbers (1 and 44) into one hence turns into 0.5.1044