NSClient++ Secure/Safe Mode Gude



I’m new to nagios and nsclient++. Recently I was able to setup a monitoring to a windows host from a nagios server running ubuntu using the check_nt command.

But as I have researched it looks like that there could be a security risk for check_nrpe checks, I would love to learn how to enable the safe mode/secure mode on nsclient++ (windows host), i have scour the documentation on this site but there is no solid guide that I can follow.

I want for my NRPE checks to be secure in both ends.

Can someone point me to a tutorial to enable secure check of check_nrpe? It would be great if the tutorial to include a part where I can get the certificate to use and how it can be deployed to widows host to configuring both nagios and nsclient++ host to use certificates.