Problem when NSCP running as service under SYSTEM account


hi, there,

did anyone encounter the issue to run external script as different user from NSCP? basically we need to start an .exe file when the script detected it’s stopped.

detecting part is fine, but when it comes to start the .exe file. we encountered that, this .exe need to be started as one of the login user, for instance, UserA. We have tried runas, psexec and etc. but it seems that process started by SYSTEM account will have the “Access denied” issue when using psexec.

Did anyone find a solution before? Thanks.

regards, Long


found a useful link in the forum.

change the running account for NSCP to local service.

regards, Long


Problem solved. nscp still under SYSTEM account to start, and check the checkbox under server “allow interaction with desktop”. this will allow nscp to start the exe with GUI once it detects it’s not running.


regards, Long