REMOVE Option appears to not work for


I’ve seen a few other posts that didn’t get answers but they either old or tacked on to another issue. We’re working on upgrading to across the board. The command we’re working with is:

msiexec /i NSCP- ADDDEFAULT=ALL REMOVE=WEBPlugins,SampleConfig,NSCAPlugin,ExtraClientPlugin,Documentation /qn

But this doesn’t actually remove anything. If I try to only list one for removal I get the same results. Am I doing something incorrectly or is this a bug in the installer? I have a log from the install and I see that remove properties are set but when launch the install to uninstall/change/repair, the modules that I expect to see not installed appear to be installed.


If I am not mistaken ADDDEFAULT=ALL will trumph the remove, but I am not a msi exper so please check the microsoft documnetation on how to enable/disable feature…