Retrieve the REST API call corresponding to a query on the Web UI



Having an issue with the check_nscp_api plugin using the nscp REST API, I’m trying to find what should be the correct request format in order to use the check_cpu module with multiple time arguments (time=1m time=5m time=15m). A github issue is open for that on the icinga2 repository:

How can I figure out the correct call (URL) format to use to request the result of “check_cpu” with arguments time=1m, time=5m and time=15m?

As I didn’t know if the Web UI itself uses the REST API or not, I tried to put the log level in trace, but I don’t see helpful info in the generated log when I run the query in the Web UI.

BR Yannick


Found by myself. Simply open the dev tools corresponding to the browser, and look at the url used for the REST API query.