Silent instalation: everything is installed while not needed


Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to install on a silent mode Nsclient++ on few windows 7 32bits computers. For our purpose we don’t want to install everything. Our goal is to do this with the GUI interface:

We succeed to have both IP written, but, few things are still implemented:

  • the password
  • the NRPE server

We used lately this script to do the install: msiexec /l* log.txt /i NSCP- CONF_CAN_CHANGE=1 ALLOWED_HOSTS="," NSCLIENT_PWD="" CONF_NSCLIENT=1 CONF_CHECKS=1 CONF_NRPE=0 ADD_DEFAULTS=0 /quiet

If you need the log or anything else, feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance.

Marco (Belgium).