Silent install



I would like to do a silent install of nscp- and I am able to complete the installation quite easily.

However, I have a custom configuration file, (nsclient.ini) that I would like to use.

How can I do the silent installation and use this particular file? It does not seem like at the settings I use are available to configure as part of the silent installation.

I require the silent installation with a .msi file as I would like to use Windows Active Directory Group Policy to automatically deploy the client.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


How about putting it all in a .bat file that calls the msi with various flags and after this copies the nsclient.ini to the install folder and restarts the service?


instad of using a ini file, you could set all needed keys with a gpo in the registry (gpo preferences).


There are instructions about half way down this page-