Some garbage in element data



I’m new with nsclient++ and try to configure it right on Windows Server machine. I’m using that manual - and see in monitoring my elements, but all of elements going with :

C:\Program Files\NSClient++ sclient.log could not be opened, Discarding: debug: Creating logger: threaded-file

I saw it and I think, that nscp.exe send \n terminator , but when I try to fix it :

  1. at command-nscp-local.conf descrase logs severity to info
  2. at nsclient.ini set : [/settings/log]

; FILENAME - The file to write log data to. Set this to none to disable log to file. file name = C:\nsclient\nsclient.log level = info 3. try to set “file name = none”

When I try to run commands localy all fine : C:\Program Files\NSClient++>nscp.exe client -q check_os_version OK: Windows 8.1 (6.3.9600)|‘version’=63;50;50

And even with that tries icinga2 show me log open error. How can I fix it ?