Sourceforge website link seems wrong


When you go here There’s a visit webpage button, it seems to redirect to something shady looking. Not sure if that’s easy for you to fix or if you want to? It says its trying to redirect to then it goes to Not sure why it wouldn’t go to here? -Lou


Probably not as shady as you think. And a long story involving a late after party, lots of beer, a spam discussion, and the folly of having a Visa card back in my days at the university.

But the result of it is that “” was the nsclient web site many many years ago and apparently a link somewhere still points there… I think I still own the domain so hopefully not pointing anywhere bad (most likely my blog if at all)…

Anyways, I have updated sourceforge link now and will try to see if I can remove the webpage from there. I have given up on sourceforge a long time ago as github is waaay better…



Just for your info, I think I got to sourceforge from some nagios documentation I was trying to follow. Github seems way better though thats for sure :smile:.


Are you searching something technical like the one you get on SourceForge ?? I think you can find something useful on


Thanks for this information. In case of any tech help visit- Geek Squad Tech Support