[Sovled] How can I montior a process and a service in one check



I have a problem in how to monitor a process and a service. Its about a camserver and the service recording everything is always on. But in order to change the settings or test something you hve to open the Programm and therefor stop the service. And both wont be up at the same time.

Is there a way without a script to monitor these stuff? I´m looking at check_multi right now but its just returning the worst state but I would like it to return the best state.

Im currently using NSClient++ version

I hope someone can help me with my Problem, Brian


Hello Again,

it turned out I didn´t even need to monitor a services and a process because the service did run as a process… But anyway, I fixed my Problem by writing a small Powershell Script, that looks after the process and service and then exits with a message and an exit code arccordingly to the states off the service.

Greetings, Brian