TaskShed monitor disabled task


Hi, I’m fresh in topic. So i work with op5 and trying monitor win 2008 with nsclient 0.4.3. My client want to monitor disabled task. For this moment I reach that plugin show me every disable task which is on system. But… There are 7 task disabled and i want is that ok state but when the number of disabled task will be different than 7 i want get critical state. I try many configuration of filter but non of them work correctly. this what i’ve got now: check_tasksched -a warn=0 crit=0 “filter=status = ‘disabled’” show-all

what i thought will work but not:

check_tasksched -a ok=‘status = ‘disabled’’ warn=0 crit=‘ok_count ne 7’ “filter=status = ‘disabled’” show-all