Using windows variables %ProgramFiles% %HomeDrive% etc


Hi friends.

I have different computers to monitorize using passive checks

Problem is some computers have “C:\Archivos de Programa” and others “C:\Program Files” folder

so how can i use variable %PROGRAMFILES% with passive checks

How can I use any other environment variable???

Thanks and regards


I think you can set variable in PATH system.


YES that’s OK. If execute SET at computer exists variable so i don’t have to establish it

Problem is some computers are “C:\Archivos de Programa” and others “C:\Program Files” . All of them have established their variable on a correct value.

How can i use into passive checks ??? I would like to create an nsclient.ini valid for all computers



You can set it manually.



I don’t understand what do you wanna tell me…

I wanna use %PROGRAMFILES% into passive check command like this

check_files file="%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$~1\Data\templog.ldf"

Is this possible??