What/where is check_nscp_nrpe?


There’s a table in the Doc section that shows compatibility of NSClient++ version with

check_nt, check_nrpe 2.x, check_nscp_nrpe, check_nscp_web, check_nscp

I’m looking at that because I find when I build check_nrpe 3.x, or 2.7 for that matter, on a current Ubuntu system it can’t agree with the current NSClient++ on Windows about an SSL protocol, so fails. Both when built on an old Ubuntu 10.04 work against the current Windows NSClient++, but building on Ubuntu 18.04.1, both get the dreaded SSL error. The NSClient++ log confirms they couldn’t reach protocol agreement.

Anyway, in that table I notice two things. First, that check_nrpe 3.x isn’t even listed. Is that because it’s generally incompatible? Second, that check_nscp_nrpe is – and I can’t find much other mention of it. I assume that if I built the whole Linux package for NSClient++ I might find it there. But the build process for a Debian system is not clearly enough documented for my little mind to simply do so and see the results.

So, is there a stand-alone check_nscp_nrep package somewhere? More important, is it likely to be more compatible with NSClient++ than it seems nrpe (2 or 3) itself is, at least when built on Ubuntu 18.04?

Our environment is have Windows, half Linux, with Nagios (soon to be Naemon) on Linux, and nrpe handling the Linux queries, with NSClient++ fielding for Windows. Getting some version of check_nrpe to work now from an up-to-date Ubuntu to NSClient++ is necessary to finally retire the old Ubuntu 10 Nagios host, which has happily been speaking to NSClient++ for years.


The trouble I’m having is clearly related to this discussion: https://github.com/NagiosEnterprises/nrpe/issues/113. But that’s about check_nrpe to nrpe connections, not check_nrpe to NSClient++. Even the latest git checkout of nrpe doesn’t provide me a check_nrpe without this problem.


Also, I found a check_nscp_nrpe contained in a deb package in a zip here, but it’s dependent on a set of libraries that are older than what Ubuntu 18.04 runs, so I’m unable to use it (even after symlinking library names to the newer libboost libraries Ubuntu now uses).


check_nsc_web => https://github.com/m-kraus/check_nsc_web


Interesting option Gerhard. But at present we have about 100 Windows servers, some with relatively complex custom checks built around NSClient++ queried via nrpe. Upgrading all the queries against 100 servers seems a bit much, if there’s any way around it for at least the short term.


Also, it looks like using check_nsc_web results in a memory leak: https://github.com/mickem/nscp/issues/569. We’re after a production-ready solution.


we use it with ~800 windows hosts, no issue since we migrated to debian 9. the migration was no big deal, in the end only some additional check commands.

but we also have some legacy hosts in a remote site with nrpe 3.x and nsclient. I posted the config some months here in the forum, i´ll take a look later, should be easy to find.