Which NSClient++ version are compatible with Nagios Core version 4.2.4


We are looking to upgrade our Nagios core from 4.1.1 to 4.2.4 and we are not sure if our clients running NSClient++ 4.1.102 will still report correctly. Is there a compatibility chart/table that could tell us which minimum versions of the NSClient are tested to work with the Nagios Core.


Given that Nagios never directly does anything (it only runs scripts) it needs check_nrpe to talk to NSClient++ (which is not part of the core) I dont really see the relevance.

You can install any version of NRPE along with Nagios core, and as far as I know NSClient++ should support all of them… Please be aware of the “insecure” mode which is required unless check_nrpe supports real ssl.